Flock of Armadillos – upcoming gigs

June 2, 7:00pm
Shedstock (by backyard)
6615 SE 22nd Ave

June 15, 4:00pm
Turning Earth Farms
17585 Gardner Rd, Dallas OR
Event Page

Ok gang! Here’s the setlist as it currently stands. Let me know if you see any issues with it.

You have free admission and camping all weekend for the festival and Sara will provide one farm fresh meal for players. This is a super sweet, intimate fest – hope you can hang out but if not, given the 5pm start it’s an easy day trip. Check the event page for more details.

Here’s a Youtube playlist (which is now up to date)
And below is my setlist dohicky where you can download MP3s and PDF chord sheets – or just click the play button.

Note I do some of these in a different key from the original (marked below). The chord sheets are in the altered key and I’ve pitch shifted some of the MP3s.

Play    MP3 File  (click to download) Performer Key (orig) BPM Chords & Lyrics
Billy Gibbons Beard Adam Carroll G 135 View    Download
       1 bar stop in last verse
Broke Down South of Dallas Junior Brown E 170 View    Download
       Steel solo over verse chords, skip the riff, guitar solo, riff into last chorus
Hippies and Cowboys Cody Jinks E  (F) 115 View    Download
       Solo is back and forth between guitar/steel. Drop final solo – end after the tag, 2 bar outro
Satin Sheets Drunken Prayer E 130 View    Download
       Breakdown going into third verse
I Dont Live In Dallas Jarrod Birmingham D 128 View    Download
       Solo over the verse chords instead of abbreviated solo in original
You Never Even Called Me By My Name David Allan Coe G  (C) 108 View    Download
       For the talking bit, I guess just play the verse progression 1 time, then hold G until I finish.
Hard Out Here Hayes Carll C  (D) 108 View    Download
       Solo at end, 2nd solo with chorus sung over if off mic – total chaos feel
Rodeo Cowboy Jerry Jeff Walker A 154 View    Download
       Add solo after 2nd chorus. Skip final repeat of chorus. Also note how rhythm changes in first part of each chorus
Turns to Tears Chris Wall D 129 View    Download
       Some schtick: everyone strike a pose, heads down, as guitar finishes, stay frozen till drums bring it back
Guitar Town Steve Earle G 166 View    Download
       Some weird timing on some changes
Gettin By Jerry Jeff Walker A 156 View    Download
       Skip 2nd verse
Highway Patrol Junior Brown A 152 View    Download
       Break at end of each verse. Steel then electric in solo
Sin City Steve Earle G 88 View    Download
       Electric solo thru verse, steel thru chorus
Pancho and Lefty Cody Jinks C  (C#) 112 View    Download
       Lay back on first verse. Ok to speed up a bit as we get into it. Electric solo over verse, steel over chorus. Use ending from record
Wish I Hadnt Stayed So Long Hayes Carll A 73 View    Download
       Watch the solo section. Add a short stop in last verse
Snake Farm Ray Wylie Hubbard E 82 View    Download
       Break down on last verse
The Devils Right Hand Steve Earle E, F# 128 View    Download
        Going into 3rd verse just play downbeats for 4 bars then come back hard. Watch the ending
Texas Boogie Dale Watson D 184 View    Download
       Boogie chirren
Highway Junkie Chris Knight C  (D) 93 View    Download
       Lay back till end of 1st chorus. A few changes with odd timing. Watch the stop/sustain in last verse. Add 2nd solo break after tag then fade out
1000 Dollar Car The Bottle Rockets G 100 View    Download
       Break down on last verse
Tumbleweed Stew Slaid Cleaves C, D  (E, F#) View    Download
Six Days On The Road Sawyer Brown G View    Download
       Ok Sawyer Brown sucks but I like their arrangement

From the original setlist I cut…
  corpus christi bay
  six days on the road
  flashback blues
  im gonna hire a wino