Armadillo – Band Page

The name of this band is Armadillo
Playing hell-raising honkytonk music covering mostly Texas artists.

First Rehearsal
May 31 6:30pm
6615 SE 22nd Ave

Backyard Show/Rehearsal (paid)
June 12, 7:00PM
6615 SE 22nd Ave

Turning Earth Farms Music Fest (paid)
June 18, 6:00pm
17585 Gardner Rd, Dallas OR

phone:   512-585-7858         email:  [email protected]         facebook:  Walt Buehring

Since I’m a singer with a limited songbook, I have to ask players to learn my songs (covers). I appreciate the work that requires so I guarantee $100/gig minimum for the first 3 outings (more if the venue split is greater of course)

I have a nice basement rehearsal space in Sellwood with drums, bass amp, and 2 guitar amps (pic above). Plus mics, PA and beer!

For the festival you have free camping all weekend if you want to hang. It’s a super sweet low-key festival with friendly people, goats, chickens, and pigs. See the Event Page

Below is my setlist dohicky where you can play or download mp3s and chord sheets. Some are a in different key from the original.

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Zip file of all chord sheets
Zip file of original MP3s
Zip file of pitch shifted MP3s

Play  Chords Key (original) Title  (click to download mp3) Artist
View A Gettin By Jerry Jeff Walker
View D  (E) Sad Country Song Jarrod Birmingham
View A Rodeo Cowboy Jerry Jeff Walker
View B Corpus Christi Bay Robert Earl Keen
View D Turns to Tears Chris Wall
View A Highway Patrol Junior Brown
View D Wake Up Becki Cody Jinks
View E Snake Farm Ray Wylie Hubbard
View A Drinkin Song Jason Boland
View G  (A) Amarillo Highway Robert Earl Keen
View D Texas Boogie Dale Watson
View C  (D) Highway Junkie Chris Knight
Possible songs for future sets 
View G Dry Town Miranda Lambert
View E Satin Sheets Drunken Prayer
View C  (D) Hard Out Here Hayes Carll
View C  (D) She Left Me For Jesus Hayes Carll
View A Wish I Hadnt Stayed So Long Hayes Carll
View G Guitar Town Steve Earle
View E, F# The Devils Right Hand Steve Earle
View D I Dont Live In Dallas Jarrod Birmingham
View E Broke Down South of Dallas Junior Brown
View E  (F) Hippies and Cowboys Cody Jinks
View G I Heard You Been Layin My Old Lady Rusty Wier
View G Billy Gibbons Beard Adam Carroll
View E Tulsa Time Jason Boland
View E Redneck Mother Ray Wylie Hubbard
View G London Homesick Blues Jerry Jeff Walker
View G Six Days On The Road Sawyer Brown